Criminal justice reform

We have the second highest incarceration rate in the country.  This is unacceptable on both moral and financial grounds.  We need to prioritize who we imprison by focusing on only incarcerating those who pose a genuine threat to the public.  The mentally ill and drug users who aren't harming others should not take up valuable prison space that needs to be used for burglars, rapists, and murderers.

Protect schools from politics

No one who works in Washington, D.C. or at 23rd & Lincoln knows your child, so why are they making decisions about the education of your child?  Mandates and directives placed on your local school by self-interested politicians and bureaucrats demoralize teachers and harm children.


Cutting waste

Despite the massive budget hole over the past several years, the Legislature has failed to reduce spending except in a handful of obviously necessary areas.  Instead, they've chosen to allow across the board temporary spending cuts.  There are hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits and subsidies for various special interests that could be eliminated, and numerous agencies that could be consolidated or done away with entirely.  For instance, there are half a dozen state law enforcement agencies that could be consolidated into one entity.

Eliminating barriers to economic freedom

Oklahoma ranks as 11th most burdensome in terms of occupational licensing.  We have poor access to health care in rural areas.  And we have over-promoted college education while failing to provide encouragement for and reduce obstructions to acquisition of much needed abilities for skilled trade positions.  It's time to focus on making it easier for Oklahomans, particularly those in rural areas, to attain skills that are marketable and in demand.