Fallin vetoed the wrong bill and harmed individual rights with both, says Powell regarding SB1212 and SB1140

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Chris Powell responded to Governor Fallin’s veto of SB1212 and signing of SB1140 by saying that it should have been exactly the opposite. SB1212, known as Constitutional Carry, would have recognized the right of Oklahomans to choose to be armed. SB1140 will allow adoption agencies supported by taxpayer dollars to discriminate against potential adoptive families for religious reasons. “In both cases the Governor acted against the interests of individual liberty,” said Powell, “with the veto Gov. Fallin demonstrated that she views the 2nd Amendment as a grant of privilege to be restricted as the state chooses. By signing SB1140, which will allow public money to be used to refuse services to certain members of the public over matters of faith, she acted against the principle of equality before the law and undermined freedom of religion.”

Powell noted that the overwhelming majority of voters he’s met while campaigning are glad that Gov. Fallin is term-limited and he cited a recent Morning Consult poll that shows she is the second least popular Governor in the country with a disapproval rating of 63%. “It’s very clear that the people of Oklahoma are tired of Mary Fallin, because she doesn’t protect their rights,” said Powell.