Powell is pleased that SQ 788 is on the June 26th ballot

Former Oklahoma Libertarian Party chairman and current gubernatorial candidate Chris Powell issued the following statement in response to Gov. Fallin placing SQ 788 regarding medical cannabis on the primary election ballot: “I am gratified to know that SQ 788 will be put before the people of Oklahoma sooner rather than later, and applaud the multitudes of activists working for passage of medical cannabis in our state who put pressure on the Governor to set the date. Gov. Fallin could have continued to delay, but now all of us in favor of passage will have plenty of time to show the voters the common sense reasons why this should pass and to counter the scare tactics to which opponents of cannabis will inevitably resort. Not only will the people get to speak earlier, but the people who currently are prohibited by law from utilizing cannabis for pain relief, to control seizures, as an appetite stimulant, and for many other medical needs will have that prohibition lifted that much quicker.

I hope everyone who is able to attend will join me at the Vote Yes on 788 campaign kickoff at the state Capitol at noon on Friday, Jan. 12th. ”

Published in the Claremore Progress on Jan. 5th