Libertarian calls Legislature dysfunctional after budget deal failure

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Chris Powell was unsparing in his criticism of legislative leaders and Gov. Fallin after HB 1054 failed to achieve the necessary 76 votes to pass. “They can’t even enact a bad solution, so the people of Oklahoma get no solution at all,” said Powell, “this failure is just another demonstration of the inability of this dysfunctional Legislature to accomplish anything.”

The so-called ‘grand bargain’ was presented to the state House after the Senate did muster the necessary three-fourths majority, but it fell five votes short in the House with five Democrats and 22 Republicans voting Nay. Powell expressed hope that lawmakers could find other ways to make up budget shortfalls for mental health and other programs, “Perhaps now there can be serious consideration of spending prioritization and elimination of non-essential items, such as the over $450 million in incentive programs in the state budget.”