Fallin flip flops on budget cuts, says Powell

Fallin flip flops on budget cuts, says Powell

Chris Powell, the leading Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, accused Governor Fallin of speaking out of both sides of her mouth about budget cuts in the special session. “When the Governor called the special session she claimed to have provided a ‘list of efficiencies’ to budget committee chairs in the Legislature. Now she is vowing to veto any budget cuts to agencies.”

Fallin’s list of efficiencies has not been made public and Powell is skeptical that it ever existed. He said “This Governor has clearly dedicated herself to raising taxes and unfortunately at the same time is serving as a roadblock to cutting any waste or crony capitalism. Her calls for tax hikes derailed reform efforts in the Legislature to prioritize spending, and she is working hard to prevent any serious scrutiny of state spending in the special session.”

Powell calls on the Governor to detail what she cuts she thinks can be made, or admit to being unable to find any part of state government where savings can be found. The special session of the Legislature will convene on Monday, Sept. 25th. It was prompted by a ruling of the State Supreme Court that the cigarette fee supported by Gov. Fallin was an unconstitutional tax increase.